The power of the individual can make a big difference, especially when it comes to preserving our natural resources, conserving energy and saving money. Our new Peak Partners program puts the tools literally in your hand to make that difference… and enables Fort Collins to be a leader to help customers manage their energy usage and contribute to our environmental richness.

Peak Partners is an important energy efficiency initiative that begins with exciting technology upgrades.

Thermostat Program

We'll equip your home with up to three "smart" web-programmable thermostats that you can program remotely from any mobile device or computer. Using a secure, personalized dashboard, you can:

  • Save up to 10% annually on your heating and cooling costs
  • Optimize your household heating and cooling energy efficiency
  • Check and adjust your home's temperature when you're away
  • Adjust your room temperature from your bed or favorite chair

Enroll to get professional installation of your thermostat(s) and free unlimited use of your Peak Partners Dashboard.

Water Heater Program

You allow us to install a two-way communication device on your water heater that can be remotely activated to temporarily turn off your water heater for short periods of time. This shifts the time of electricity use from on-peak to off-peak hours, delivering savings to you.

You can choose three levels of savings: Basic, Default and Aggressive, which deliver as much as $22/year, $52/year or $70/year.

Conservation events last an average of two hours. They're short enough - and water heaters are large enough (40–60 gallons) - so there's plenty of hot water in reserve for household use and typically you won't notice a difference.

To enroll in the water heater program now, please call 855-350-1464.

Peak Partners also enables you to help automatically manage and reduce electricity consumption when it counts most – during times when our electricity grid approaches peak capacity. These high demand times occur occasionally in the summer when tens of thousands of central air conditioners are running, straining our grid. Peak Partners lessens the load, helping to avert power outages and reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with peak electricity generation.

The more people who participate in Peak Partners, the more effective the program becomes. We hope you’ll join us in this important step forward for all of us in the Fort Collins community.