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How it works

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Money for you and your tenants – Energy savings for everyone.

As part of our Peak Partners citywide energy efficiency plan, we want to provide equipment for your property's water heaters that will save energy automatically when it counts most. And we'll pay you and your tenants to participate.

Here's how it works:

We install, free of charge, a two-way communication device on each of your water heaters.

When the city's electric grid approaches peak capacity, we send a message to the equipment, temporarily shutting off the water heaters until the peak has passed.

Peak Partners benefits you with:

  • $12 annually, per participating unit, for your help coordinating installation and maintenance visits
  • State-of-the-art energy efficiency technology professionally installed and serviced in your residential communities
  • Comprehensive program management with minimal effort required of you or your residents
  • Assistance with marketing the program to your tenants

Peak Partners benefits your tenants with:

  • Credit on their electricity bill – $4 each month/$48 annually

Conservation events last an average of two hours. They're short enough – and water heaters are large enough (30 to 60 gallons) – so there's plenty of hot water in reserve for household use and typically your tenants won't notice a difference.

As participants, your community helps us keep electricity prices low, our air clean and our environment healthy.

If certain tenants do not wish to participate, we can remotely deactivate their equipment and they will not earn any credits toward their electricity bill.

To get started, call us to day at 855-350-1464 and speak with a Peak Partners customer service representative.

* A minimum of 10 individually metered apartments are required to enroll via Landlord/Property Management.


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