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Home Energy Monitor Program

Home Energy Monitor Program

Peak Partners helps you
to be more efficient

Watch your bill drop as you learn about your energy habits and make small changes that can make a big difference.

The Home Energy Monitor provides real-time tracking of your household electricity use in kilowatts, kilowatt hours, dollars and cents.1 Track your electricity use and see exactly where you could be saving.

  • Turn appliances on and off to see what your energy hogs are.
  • Compare today's power usage with yesterday's usage.
  • Automatically connect to your meter — no electrician set-up required.2

The monitor is available for check out at all three Poudre River Public Libraries. You can borrow the monitor just like a book. It's that easy!

Device Features

Stand it on the kitchen counter or put it on the refrigerator. Make saving energy a family affair. Load the batteries or just plug it in, then call us at 855-350-1464 to activate the meter link. In moments you’re ready to start saving. (Service only available to Fort Collins Light & Power customers.)

  • Two buttons for scrolling
  • Secure, encrypted wireless link
  • Bright, backlit screen for easy reading
  • Mini USB port for downloading data
  • AC adapter included for always-on operation
  • Battery-powered for portability and back-up
  • Freestanding on flat surfaces, magnet mountable on metal surfaces or wall mountable with built-in keyholes
  • English, French or Spanish language selection
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2 ¾" x 1"

Using your Home Energy Monitor

  1. Shine a light on inefficient lighting.

    Try turning on and off different lights in your home and see the power difference in your monitor. (It may take up to 15 seconds for the monitor to update.) Find out which light(s) in your home are the most energy hungry and consider replacing them with CFLs or LEDs.

  2. Discover which appliance is burning a hole in your wallet.

    Learn through your monitor how much power is being used by your microwave, toaster, or electric oven. Repeat the observation with your electric dryer.

  3. Expose the power "vampires" draining you dry.

    Turn on your entertainment center and observe how much power is being used. Then turn it off and note how much power it is still using. Now unplug the entertainment center. Chances are when you unplugged the system the power usage of your home went even lower. Many electronics in your home use electricity even when they are turned "off." Consider investing in smart power strips or unplugging electronics that are used only occasionally.

  4. Know your nightly energy usage.

    Just before going to bed and when your home is in "sleeping mode" (i.e. most lights and equipment is off) observe the amount of power being used by your home. Multiply that number by 0.24. The resulting number is an estimate of how many kWh are being used by your home "while you are sleeping" over the course of a month. Compare that number with the total monthly energy use of your home (from your latest energy bill). What is the fraction of energy being used "while you are sleeping" in your home? Ideally it should be 15% or less of your home's total energy use.

Before calling 855-350-1464 to activate the meter link:

  1. Plug in the monitor and wait a few seconds for the device to boot. Push both buttons for about five seconds and release them.

  2. You will see a screen prompt asking you to "Restart?". Push both buttons again for five seconds and release them.

  3. You will then see a screen prompt asking for "Hard Reset". Select "Reset" with the upper button. When prompted "Are you sure?", select "Disconnect from meter" with the upper button. Your monitor is now ready to connect to your electric meter.

The home energy monitors are unable to support Time-Of-Day pricing. You can find information on the price per kWh at http://www.fcgov.com/utilities/residential/rates/electric.

  1. Dollars and cents information is not valid billing information. In addition, this functionality has to be programed by the user.
  2. The monitor needs to be within radio range of the meter. Typically within 75 feet of the electric meter. Range depends on number of walls and obstructions between meter and monitor.


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